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How To Lose Weight Fable & Fable 2, Fable II
Welcome to our website How to lose weight fable guide. It covers all about the popular game fable 2. Fable 2 is played on the Xbox 360 and picks up 500 years later where the original fable left off with a lot of new additions. Not only are the graphics phenomenal, but the game itself is top notch. There are better weapons, bigger creatures, and more spells to cast. Fable 2 is a must have game for Xbox 360. The game has a lot of add on that gives a bigger gaming experience.

Fable 2 is a great game and very entertaining. It is better than a good movie and most of all you determine how the story line goes. Its all about choices and repercussion of those choices, right from the start of the game the choices you make shape the world around you, for example whether a town turns into a glorious economic strong hold or a slum depends on you.

The overall feel of fable 2 is excellent; the combat system is remarkably exciting and fun. It is pretty easy too, for example 3 buttons control the magic, swords, pistols, cross bows etc and it is just amazing how you can flow from one to the other.

How to lose weight fable guide

How to lose weight in fable 2 could be difficult if you are new to the game. Most players start skinny, maybe are on the road of evil and eat a lot of crunchy chicken. Well in fable 2 just like in real life there skinny little evil image will develop a pot belly. Other scenarios’ that will make you add weight in fable 2 includes eating too much to heal your face. Some foods could still make you fat even though they are not supposed to. Some player that was already fat and was trying to lose weight went on tofu and to their astonishment actually gained weight. So I guess you can only guess to an extent what will happen in fable 2.

Different Ways to lose weight in fable 2

Below are some of the tried and tested ways to lose weight in fable 2

  • You can eat celery which you can find at the vegetable store. The vegetable store is located at Bowerstone, Westcliff and on top of Bloodstone. If for some reason they do not have any, then you have to just keep on fighting and running around until the weight eventually wears off.

  • If you are obese and have been running around and still cannot get rid of the weight, try killing some enemies in addition to running around. It does take sometime to go from obese to slim, but if you keep up playing the game and killing enemies, you will eventually lose weight.

  • Other things you could do is to just ignore eating

  • Eat healthy stuff like tofu and fruits

  • If you want to lose weight super fast….well there seems to be no way to lose weight fast. The best way it seems is to turn your game on, let it sit for sometime say like an hour and then go back. You will be nice and slim.

  • To maintain your weight eat fruits and vegetables and celery too. Eating tofu will make you pure while eating meat will make you corrupt.
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